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Honeycomb BEE Ratings


  • First rate service
  • We are an accredited Rating Agency
  • We are a Level One Contributor to BBBEE
  • We are 100% Black owned
  • Our Service is professional and efficient. Guaranteed
  • Our systems and expertise allows us to hold your hand through the process
  • We don’t want to just conduct your verification – we want to build a relationship with you
  • We are already using the assurance standard methodology created by SANAS and the Dti
  • We don’t just do Empowerment, we ARE Empowerment.

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  • the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice Notice # 36928 of 2013 – Generic
  • the B-BBEE Codes of Good Practice Notice # 38766 of 2015 – QSE’s
  • all relevant Sector Codes

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Honeycomb BEE Ratings is a Level One Contributor to BBBEE


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Honeycomb BEE Ratings is a SANAS Accredited BEE Verification Agency


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Amended Codes of Good Practice: Notice of Clarification gazette no. 38764 of 2015

  1. The October 2013 gazette becomes effective as of 1 May 2015

  2. All verification audits carried out using financial year ends before 30 April 2015 can use the 2007 Codes of Good Practice

  3. Any company using a financial year end after 30 April 2015 must use the amended Codes of Good Practice of 2013

  4. Sector Codes as gazetted are in use until 30 October 2015. From 1 November 2015, those sector codes that are not aligned a consideration to repeal them will be taken

  5. All valid certificates issued using the 2007 gazette must be treated as empowering suppliers

  6. EME’s issued using 2007 gazette must also be treated as empowering suppliers

  7. Broad-Based Ownership schemes, Employee Share Ownership Schemes no longer count for voting rights and economic interest held by black people and black women. These only count under economic interest held by black natural people in Broad-Based schemes, co-operatives, and Employee Ownership schemes

Honeycomb BEE-Ratings is accredited on the following sector codes, and can conduct your Sector Code Rating until the 30th October 2015:

  1. Tourism Sector Code

  2. Construction Sector Code

  3. Integrated Transport Sector Code: Road Freight Sub-sector

  4. Integrated Transport Sector Code: Domestic Aviation Sub-sector

  5. Integrated Transport Sector Code: Forward and Clearing Sub-sector

  6. Chartered Accountancy Sector Code

  7. Information and Communication Technology (ICT) Sector Code

  8. Property Sector Code

  9. Financial Services Code

  10. Forestry Sector Code

  11. Agri BEE Sector Code

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Do you really know and understand what BEE is all about?

Do you know the impact of the New BEE Codes on your business?

Are you ready for the New BEE Codes?

Are you ready for you next BEE Verification Audit/ onsite?

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